Adventure Is Calling

by Thoraya Maronesy August 25, 2016

Adventure Is Calling

I felt it was just right that I start of the blog series here with a post of my own. I hope the launch of the Arima blogs brings a soulful touch to your daily reads.
Here it goes-
One of my biggest struggles in running/managing Arima has been putting my adventures aside. I've always been really active and down to try just about anything that involves exercise. Before starting Arima, I was a D1 athlete at San Diego State University where I ran track. Of course, most of my time was spent training, but any free time I had was either spent cruising streets on a skateboard, boogie boarding at the beach, or taking advantage of a free week of hot yoga at a new local yoga studio. Those really were the days! Don't get me wrong, I am beyond blessed and very thankful for the success of Arima, it's just that recently I've been craving some outdoor adventures... And so I came up with a solution.
For the past couple of weeks, no matter how busy my weeks have been, I've made sure to set aside at least two days for some soul searching adventures. With just a few hours to spare and so many adventures calling my name, I really had to find a way to make the most of my time. With all of this in mind, I carved out an adventure schedule that consisted of doing multiple activities in just one adventure! I'll map it out for you below:
1.) Choose a base. The only criteria here is that the base can't be limited to just one activity. It has to be versatile. For me, the base has to be outdoors and preferably in nature. And so the main base I've been choosing for my adventures has the Mission Trails here in San Diego.
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2.) Think of a way, aside from driving, to get to your base. Bike, walk, even take the trolly. Just do something different and a little adventurous. Like I mentioned before, I really like skating/cruising so that's been my way of getting to my base. I'm not the best at it but there really is nothing like it for me. Plus, I like a little challenge!
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3.) Decide on two activities to do once you get to your base. Nothing too crazy, just a couple of things you enjoy. I really enjoy hiking so that's consistently been one of my activities, along with some yoga at my rest spots. Yoga and nature are kind of my new favorite thing!
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And that's it! Just like that, you get in three activities in one adventure. If this seems a little unrealistic for your situation, maybe simplify it and start out by throwing in some yoga on your morning jog!
Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Peace and love,

Thoraya Maronesy
Thoraya Maronesy


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